Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Pentecost and Ascension day and Water continued

Dear Parents,

We have been working very hard in Reception over the past few weeks. 
The children have enjoyed exploring the story Noah's Ark and talking about how God choose Noah to save all the animals from the flood. The children enjoyed thinking and writing about different vehicles that Noah could use to transport the animals. Week Beginning the 30th of April, we started our week thinking about Pirates. We really enjoyed focusing on the story Tom and the Night Pirates in our Literacy work and have been working hard on writing our own recounts about what happened in the story. The children came up with some very creative ideas. We are encouraging the children to write successful sentences in all of their work. They need to make sure that they are using Capital letters , Finger Spaces and Full Stops in their work. We are encouraging the children to use their phonics to help them spell words and to use their High Frequency Words in their writing.

The children also enjoyed creating Pirate Treasure Maps and digging for Treasure coins in the sand.

In Maths the children have been working hard to continue to develop their counting on skills and have become more confident with this and remembering to put the biggest number in their head and then counting on with the smallest. 

On Thursday the 10th May , the children took part in an RE lesson about Ascension Day. The children discussed how Jesus ascended to Heaven to be with his Father. We enjoyed writing sentences describing what we could remember happened and then enjoyed attending Mass in the afternoon.

On Friday the 11th May in class we learnt all about different Animal Habitats. We played a game where Miss Parmley read different clues about an animal and we had to put the counter on the habitat that we think they in. We all correctly matched the right animal to their Habitat. We then went on to make Habitat Collages in 5 groups. We made hot , wet , cold , high and low Habitat pictures. We really enjoyed talking about the different animals and where they lived.

Finally , As many of you are aware the weather is starting to become alot warmer outside. We would like to remind you to send your child into school with a named water bottle and sun hat.

Many Thanks
Miss Parmley

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